nanoXRF, a division of UHV Technologies, Inc., brochuresoffers a full range of XRF calibration standards, x-ray coatings, foils, services and other related products. nanoXRF standards are most often used for instrument calibration and quality control in various industries. They are also useful as a source of pure element spectra for use in background subtraction routines, and as a routine check of x-ray detector resolution and overall system performance. nanoXRF specializes in hard to find standards for very demanding applications in university/industrial R&D, air/water/soil pollution control, cancer R&D, ROHS/WEEE compliance, oil contamination, and various manufacturing industries such as automotive, semiconductors, flat panel displays, solar cells, batteries/fuel cells, pharmaceuticals, petroleum, disk drives and military. Our state-of-the-facilities enable us to manufacture standards from a few nano-grams/cm2 to tens of milli-grams/cm2 areal densities. Call us with your current requirements.