Dr. Nalin Kumar
, president of UHV Technologies, Inc., is the founder of NanoRanch. He has more than 25 years of experience in high technology R&D and product development, specifically silicon micro-nano-tips, nanocrystalline diamond and other wide bandgap cathodes.After his doctoral work on development of titanium nitride thin films, he joined Microelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation (MCC) in Austin, Texas, a consortium of leading US companies. At MCC, he led the advanced materials projects for several years. Dr. Kumar’s work on nanocrystalline diamond field emitter flat panel displays, started in 1989 at MCC, led to the first and some of the most fundamental patents in this field.This technology was later licensed to and commercialized by SI Diamond Technology, Inc. (currently Nano-Proprietary, Inc.) with the help of Dr. Kumar, who led SIDT as the Director of Technology. He was also the principal investigator for the $7.3 million diamond cold cathode based display development project funded by Advanced Technology Program of the Department of Commerce, and the $1.0 million diamond material development program funded by Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA).He is the inventor of the Amorphic Diamond electron emitter cathode and cylindrical magnetron plasma deposition system, and has 62 patents in these areas.

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Mr. Manuel Garcia
is the vice president of UHV Technologies, Inc. He has more than 8 years of experience in high technology R&D and product development, specifically in scientific instruments, x-ray source design, and x-ray fluorescence.After completing degree requirements for a B.S. in both Biochemistry and Neuroscience he began working in the field of nano-biotechnology for 5 years. In this field he received hands on training and experience in Electrical Engineering, Software Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Systems Engineering, Ultra High Vacuum Systems, Vacuum Measurement and Control, Pulsed Laser Deposition, Chemical Vapor Deposition, Thermal Evaporation, Sputter Deposition, Electrochemistry, Etching Process, Advanced Materials and Devices, Automation and Process Control, Drug Discovery, Thin Film Deposition, SEM and EDS instrumentation, Motion Control and Vision implementation.  He then spent the next three years working at Stellarray, Inc where his work focused on the development of flat panel x-ray sources and cold cathode development. The work entailed designing experiments for X-Ray Testing and Measurement including High Voltage Design (225kV) Testing and Development, Vacuum Sealing Techniques, Field Emission Testing, Automated Control Systems, Process Development and use of the SEM/FIB.He later moved to Fort Worth and joined the NanoRanch to begin development of highly innovative x-ray based technologies in the fields of biotechnology, environmental science and industrial manufacturing. He is a member of IEEE, SPIE and ACS.