nanoXRF launches XRF standards at 2013 Denver X-Ray Conference

nanoXRF launches XRF standards at the 2013 Denver X-Ray conference for use in calibration of x-ray fluorescence equipment. These standards are most often used for instrument calibration and quality control in the fields of air pollution and thin coatings. They are also useful as a source of pure element spectra for use in background subtraction routines, and as a routine check of x-ray detector resolution and overall system performance. nanoXRF standards are prepared by high vacuum deposition under precisely controlled environment resulting in highly accurate standards. In most cases, the standards present an element free of interferences and thin enough to ignore thickness effects. The backings available are chosen for minimum thickness and contamination. Where it is necessary to use compounds or semi-compounds, the companion elements are chosen to minimize interference and provide stability. Raw materials used are 99.9% pure or better. The areal density is determined by precision weighing and masking techniques. Certification is provided for each standard. A blank backing is provided at no charge. Additional blanks may be purchased for an additional charge. The prices listed below are for standards of nominal SL (0.5-1.5μg/cm2), VL (3-5μg/cm2), L (15-25μg/cm2), R (40-60μg/cm2) and H (80-120μg/cm2) thickness. For other options, please refer to ordering information. Other elements and compounds are available by special request.

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